Thursday, 22 September 2011

Boy: God! iam feeling no hungry...Not getting sleep....not sitting constantly..standing straitly...feeling like something is missing.... Am I fall in love??????
God:U fool.... Exams daggara padday..Ami chadavakapothe alage vuntundi........

Love cheyukani life miss chesukoku ,
"Fail" avvu but future paduchesukoku,
Think cheyu but' Time waste chesukoku,
"FRIENDS SHIP CHEYU" but friend ni marichipoku.

A smile can open a heart faster than
a key can open a door..
Smiles r free so don't save them..
Brighten d world with ur smile..

‎"HAPPY" is "START" of life

"BEAUTY" is "ART" of life

"RISK" is "PART" of life

but "FRIENDSHIP" is "GIFT" of life

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